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Muscle Gain Truth Review

Packed into the 266 pages is simple yet effective plan on how to pack on a serious amount of muscle. It has a two, three & four day training split giving the reader the option to choose a workout plan that suits them best.

He incorporates the tools you will need when in the gym and discusses certain specifics with your weights program, such as duration, volume & exercises. This is only the tip of the iceberg for training information but in the eBook you’ll find it straight forward and easy to understand.


Beside that, the book contains an in-depth look into the popular supplements in the market. Sean shows which ones are beneficial and extremely useful to the common weight trainer. What times to eat to avoid muscle loss, post and pre workout nutrition advice.  Rest and recovery has a chapter and why sleep is hugely important to muscle growth.

There are many ‘gems’ of information that will give you a ‘Aha’ moment. When doing the Muscle Gain Truth review I was going back over parts that had been read and picking up more information.


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There is a step by step guide in how to put on some serious mass to your frame, but  maybe more importantly the Muscle Gain Truth program gives some of the mistakes that you could be making that are stopping you from the muscle gains you crave. If you are making some of the mistakes that Sean addresses such as overtraining it won’t matter what program you are following you will not put on any muscle.


To be totally clear, there actually is a bit of hype in the presentation and if you purchase the book there is a bit in the front on how Sean went from a skinny weed to someone with extreme muscularity. I do not like this ‘emotive’ approach as I have been around the industry too long to buy into that stuff. That being said, some people may enjoy it more than I can and he certainly back up the majority of his claims really well in the book.

The cost?

$77 dollars which is pretty good considering the amount of relevant information in there. You can also purchase it for a 1 dollar 21 day trial period. The 8 week money back guarantee also takes the risk out.

Personally I don’t think many people ask for their money back. I myself decided to keep it after doing the review.


BTW. there is a huge number of bonuses that accompany Muscle Gain Truth, including 26 week workout plan and printable logbook, Full Video, 12 week mass building, Online video lesson series, Online Video Lesson Series, 3-Month MGT Progress Tracker 6000 Membership, My Personal Trainer Software. These tools compliment the eBook really well and some of them could even be sold as a stand-alone product.

Summarizing:  The Muscle Gain Truth is plenty of information on how to add many pounds of muscle. Sean Nalewanyj is an accomplished natural bodybuilder who has provided a no nonsense eBook to cut through the overwhelming hype and mistruth associated to the muscle building world.

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