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Hi and Welcome to QuickMuscleBuild – This site has been put together to give people unbiased information on how to build muscle quickly and lose unwanted body fat.

There is a number of articles that involve workout routines to build muscle. The articles that have been written are based on over 10 year’s personal experience as a weight trainer and scientific studies.

You will find reviews of some of the best muscle building and weight loss programs on the net today. The main criteria of the rating system is how well the program delivers in 1) showing the reader how to build muscle or 2) how to lose fat. There was a time factor that was also considered as people want to know how to build muscle quickly.

These eBooks have the best workout routines to build muscle, lose fat and also huge scientific sections on nutrition. The authors know how to build muscle quickly as many of them have been in the fitness industry for years, even decades. The eBooks also contain fantastic goal setting sections which will not only help you in your weight loss goals, but in general life goals.

Some of the other reviewed programs have been rated on their ability to deliver a particular fitness goal, such as the Critical Bench program which promotes a program to increase your bench press hugely.

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Answering how to build muscle quickly or getting in shape is not an easy goal, but it is very achievable. If you are serious about getting in shape one thing that you will need to forget will be that there is no quick fixes and anyone one promoting a quick fix will be need to be ignored.

One of the cornerstones of answering how to build muscle quickly is that your training will need to be at a level of intensity that taxes the body. Training smart will yield greater results than training hard. If you combine training hard/smart you will start to see some amazing results you will be proud of.

– Having greater lean body mass leads you to burn more calories as muscle can burn up to three times more calories than fat. The more muscle you have the greater your metabolism will be.

– Weight Training contributes to your ability to carry out everyday functions and prevents scaropenia, osteoporosis and lower back pain.

– Muscles prevent diabetes due to your muscles soak up blood sugar as fuel. The more muscle you have the more blood sugar will be used up for fuel.

– Weight training leads to stronger connective tissues and increases joint stability and helps prevent injury.

– Weight training has huge benefits regardless of what age the trainer is.

– The best workout routines to build muscle have almost all the benefits for females as well as males. The myth of women getting a ‘bulky’ look from weight training is totally false as women do not have the required amount of testosterone to build muscles like men.

Please have a look around, the workout routines to build muscle have been tried and tested. You will also find some important basics on supplements and muscle building foods. There is quality information on how to build muscle quickly.